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Who is using Google's social platform?

Google's own social platform Google+ is something of a dark horse in the social media world, and many have called it a failure for not attracting enough of their real-life contacts to replace Facebook or Twitter. However, the tech world, and Android users in particular have extra incentive — or blackmail, if you wanna look at it that way — to have you using it.

Your Google Play account wants a Google+ account to tie into for your reviews and ratings, and many beta testing communities are hosted in Google+, only showing their opt-in links once you join the group. The automatic photo and video backup on Android is done through Google+ Photos. So even if you don't use Google+ proper, you may very well be using Google+ in the Play Store, or Photos, or when you're commenting on a YouTube video.

But how many of you have given in to the big red plus?

Almost half of you plus it up.

Over 3500 users — almost a half of the responding users — say they are indeed using Google+ actively, be it to network with fellow enthusiasts, to participate in app betas, or just follow the news. I'm not surprised by this number. After all, Google+ is where plenty of people really do interact with plenty of other people. The last time we got a glimpse into Google+'s active monthly user numbers was at Google I/O, where Android chief Sundar Pichai claimed it was over a billion. We're pretty sure that number includes YouTube commenters, for what that's worth.

It certainly included Google+ Photos users, which took home a modest 15 percent in this week's numbers. Google's built-in backup system had its share of users, but a number of commenters despised tying a non-social service like media storage to a social platform. Others simply preferred to backup to either their primary storage service like Dropbox or their primary social network, usually Facebook.

A paltry 8 percent claimed to only use Google+ for the beta testing and backups, which is reasonable, seeing how those beta communities usually lead to discussions and eventually to using Google+ in a more regular manner as a social platform. Many see it as the first step into using G+ as a social network — it's why I originally dove in back in 2013.

For some, Google+ will forever be a black eye.

That brings us to the whopping 29 percent of respondents that do not use Google+, many of whom called the service useless because they didn't have any real-life friends or family on it. We'd respond to that complaint again, but the commenters in the original poll seemed to do a good enough job of it, reminding naysayers that a social network is just as much about putting yourself out there as it is about fostering the relationships you already have. Many users are still sore about Google requiring a Google+ account for other Google services, namely Google+ Photos, Google Play reviews and YouTube comments.

A surprising number of comments actually commended the integration of YouTube commenting into Google+, allowing users to more quickly reply to comments using the Google+ notification bubble that appears across many of Google's pages, but the vitriol about Google 'forcing themselves' on users to try and make Google+ popular doesn't seem to be dying down anytime soon.

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