Bumptop, a 3D desktop manager that's been implemented in Windows 7 and OS X, has just been bought out by the Google. Bumptop was a ridiculously slick experience that beautifies and changes the way you use your desktop. It was intended for touch-based devices such as tablets and offered users a 3D-space to store their files. We're not sure what Google has planned for Bumptop but if they decided to use it in future Android phones or ChromeOS tablets, we would be very happy. If Google just wanted to outbid Apple on another purchase, well, we would not be so happy.

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If you want to get to know Bumptop before the plug gets proverbially pulled, the app will still be available for download for the next week, free of charge. Check out the video after the jump to see how Bumptop works, and see if it can translate to the Android (or ChromeOS) platform. What do you guys think? [via engadget

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