Waze, the popular nagivation app that's owned by Google, is rolling out a major update today on Android. Version 4.0 is designed to use fewer taps to access major features, and has added a new reporting panel.

Here's the breakdown of what's new in Waze 4.0:

Less Taps Needed:

  • Less taps overall to access key features
  • Tapping the left button pulls up the navigation menu and all your frequent and favorite destinations
  • Tapping the right button gives you quick access to your contacts for a number of actions including your location and ETA
  • View alternate routes, add a stop or let someone know you're on the way from the center button where your ETA time is displayed

Newly Designed Reporting Menu:

  • Report menu is now located on the right of the map with a big orange button
  • Menu is faster, bolder and categories are color coded
  • Report action quickly by tapping and holding down the report menu

Reminders to Leave for Events on Time:

  • Gives you reminders to leave on time for Calendar events based on traffic, just sync up your Calendar and Waze will lookout for unexpected delays on your route
  • When it's time to hit the road, Waze will notify you when you should leave to make it on time

In addition, the new version of Waze is supposed to cut down on battery consumption "significantly". You can download Waze 4.0 now from the Google Play Store