Hot on the heels of some photos of the world's second Android phone, the Kogan Agora (as Ryan so aptly stated - thanks, Ryan!), we now have video of the Agora compliments of Gizmodo Australia via Kogan's PR agency. Mr. Kogan is at CES and hopefully we'll have a chance to rub elbows with him later this week and see if we can get a hands-on of the pre-production unit as featured in the video. Apparently the production units will be sans silver bezel and will be bordered in black instead. Good choice.

Although I'm a proud owner of the G1 and enjoy the screen real estate, I'm also a huge fan of a front-facing keyboard, even at the expense of a larger screen. The front-facing QWERTY usually equates to better one-handed operation and it will be interesting to see how one-handed Android can be on the Agora. If you had your druthers, which would it be? Slider or front-facing keyboard?

Thanks again for the tip, Ryan!

[Gizmodo Australia]