Okay. Since this limbo of will we, won't we get Cupcake is currently at a won't we, the next best thing has got to be watching Cupcake in all its glory on video. An Android Developer decided to play nice and showcase some of the new features in Cupcake and we're all thankful for that.

He goes over the Live Folders feature (which we're now excited for), the soft virtual keyboard (of course), a switch to a black and white photo preview for taking pictures (better response rate), video recording, a spinning globe, and some new settings tweaks.

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From the video, the current build of Cupcake looks to be fairly solid and almost ready for the primetime. The only thing we noticed to not work was video recording but we're sure the Android Team is hammering the final details. After seeing this video we've got to say, we can't look at our G1's the same anymore. We want Cupcake. NOW.

Who's with us?