U.S. Soccer uses Google Cardboard to unveil new logo

U.S. Soccer has unveiled a new logo, and to do so the organization sent out a kit that contained a Google Cardboard viewer along with a brand new scarf. The kits were sent out to media, fans, players and coaches, and it came with specific instructions. First, you had to watch the video in the included VR headset all the way through. At the end of the video there was a combination that could be used to open the lock that held the other half of the box closed.

For the millions of fans out there who weren't lined up to get one of these special gifts, U.S. Soccer has also posted an unveiling video to YouTube, which can also be viewed in Google Cardboard for the best possible experience.

It's really great to see such a diverse set of companies and organizations using Google Cardboard for all sorts of applications, and this is a great example of what it can add to the experience.

Source: U.S. Soccer, Brian Bilello (Twitter)