Safety meets convenience with a set of great features 

You may have heard us talk about an app called Unlock With Wifi a time or two. It's an app that tells your lock screen when to become secured with a password or PIN, based on what Wifi AP you're connected to. It's one of those apps that you never really open, but your phone is always using it. It now has a new name, and a new feature-set to go along with an entirely new re-write.

SkipLock is the new handle, and on the surface it looks like a tiny tweak to Unlock With Wifi. When you go to set it up though, you'll notice the changes. You can now use a Bluetooth connection to keep your phone unlocked, rooted users can set it up with a pattern instead of a password or PIN, and you can nix the notification bar icon — three things that users have asked for.

It works just the same, set it up and as long as you're connected to a Wifi AP or Bluetooth device you've listed, your phone is in swipe-to-unlock mode. Once you're not, your phone is secured with either a PIN or password that you've chosen during the setup, or if your rooted, a pattern. No muss, no fuss.

There are a couple things users of Unlock With Wifi need to be aware of. This is a new app, and if you want to use it longer than the four day trial period, you'll need to buy it again via an in-app purchase of about $5. If you bought Unlock With Wifi after October 27, contact the developer for a free license for Skip Lock. Unlock With Wifi isn't going anywhere, it's just not going to be further developed. If you bought it, it will still be in Google Play. The developer explains a bit more of why it was done this way here.

There's not a lot more to tell. If you leave your house with your phone, you need to have a secure lock screen. Period. If you don't wanna fool with passwords or PIN numbers while it is in your hands, you need an app like SkipLock. Grab it from Google Play and check out the free trial.