After being one of the most recognizable apps using Google Wallet for payment processing, Uber is making the switch to using Android Pay as the old Wallet system is closing in on its sunset. Though Android Pay is most notably taking over as the NFC tap-and-pay system for Google, it is also ready to handle in-app and online payments that were once handled by Google Wallet as well.


As you may remember, Google has dramatically scaled back the capabilities of Google Wallet since Android Pay was announced; the older of the two services now simply works as a person-to-person money transferring system.

Uber is sending out emails to customers reminding them that Google Wallet support will be officially discontinued from the app on May 9, and in order to continue paying for rides in the app you'll have to move along to Android Pay or input a credit card manually. If you've already set up Android Pay with a card, you'll be able to simply tap on the Android Pay button in the payment settings of the Uber app and choose a previously-entered card from the list.