Unlike Facebook, which is ubiquitous in India, Twitter hasn't managed to gain mainstream acceptance in the country. With growth stalling in developed countries, Twitter is now looking to emerging markets, and its latest attempt at gaining momentum in countries like India is a Progressive Web App called Twitter Lite.

The app —designed in collaboration with Google — takes up less than 1MB, and has all the features as the native app, including the timeline feed, direct messages, media uploads, offline support, trends, push notifications, and more.

Twitter Lite

The app loads 30% faster than the native client, and has a data saver mode that lets you use up to 70% less data. The data saver mode automatically loads previews of images and videos, and you can tap on media to initiate the download. As the app is being aimed at emerging markets, Twitter has teamed up with Vodafone India to provide live sports updates on Indian Premier League matches.

Twitter Lite is accessible via a browser at mobile.twitter.com, and although it is designed for markets where cellular connectivity is limited, it's available globally. If you're interested, you can read more about how the Progressive Web App was built over on Twitter's blog.