Attention all photo buffs and Android fans: You now have a new option for remote shooting. Triggertrap just released the second version of its mobile dongle (appropriately called the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle v2), with an Android application to to with it.

The dongle's been redesigned, and it's now smaller, faster and supports more cameras. It'll run you $29.99, which isn't bad at all. The Android application costs another $4.99 on top of that -- again, perfectly reasonable. With the app, you get eight options for remote shooting:

  • Cable release
  • Time lapse
  • Bulb ramping timelapse
  • Eased time lapse
  • Distance lapse
  • Star trail mode
  • Long exposure HDR
  • Long exposure HDR time lapse

The app is available now in Google Play.

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