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It might only be 3.6%, but a price increase is still a price increase. That's how much Three UK has announced that price plans will be increasing by come July 16. It doesn't apply to all customers -- anyone joining after March 8 this year or that is on a 1-month SIM only, a business or a pay-as-you-go deal won't be affected. So, should you be heading down to Three for a new Samsung Galaxy S III in the next couple of weeks, the price you sign up to is the price you'll continue to pay.

On my current plan, it looks like I'll be hit for about another £1.30 per month, or just under £16 per year. Ok, so hit is probably too strong a term. Thankfully, it's just a small price increase. No increase will be applied to any add-ons, so if you're paying extra for all-you-can-eat data (like I am) the increase will only be applied to your basic tariff price. 

Three say that their plans still represent "excellent value for money," which is a pretty fair comment to make, considering they're one of the few UK networks offering unlimited data. Anyone affected will be receiving a text, email or letter -- yes, people do still send letters -- outlining their additional charges. The increase will then take effect from the first billing date on or after July 16.

It's the first time in the company's history that their prices have had to increase in such a way on their pay monthly tariffs. While price rises are never welcome, we can at least be grateful that it isn't a big increase. More importantly, Three aren't taking anything away. After all, there is a recession on.

Source: Three UK