At a recent event in Munich, Germany, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted at the possibility that his company's cars may one day be able to run Android apps. Fielding a question on app development for the Tesla Model S, Musk said the company was "considering adding a pure Android emulator," allowing users to run an Android app in a window on the car's Linux-based front-end.

The Android emulator is one of a few app development avenues being considered for the vehicle, which Musk expects to be opened up to developers "towards the end of next year." Musk also outlined several software additions that had to be made before this could take place, including adding local language and navigation data, and upgrading the cars' built-in browser to Google Chrome.

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If these plans come to fruition, the Android emulator could give Tesla's vehicles access to a large library of mobile apps in a relatively short space of time. And it also begs the question: how long until we see an Android-powered car?

Source: 9to5Google; YouTube