Samsung Vibrant 4G

T-Mobile and Samsung have teamed up to bring a refreshed and updated model of the Samsung Vibrant to the carrier with a host of new features. The biggest is that the device will be capable of rocking over 21 megabits per second when in HSPA+ coverage. Previous HSPA+ phones, namely the G2 and the myTouch 4G, have only been able to go up to speeds around 14.4 Mbps. T-Mobile spent a lot of time at their CES press conference talking about how fast and robust their HSPA+ network is, even when compared to Verizon's LTE and Sprint's WiMax networks, so it is not surprising to see them bring a device that can take full advantage of their network. 

The screens that TmoNews got their hands on also point to the device launching with Froyo, which should give hope to frustrated Vibrant owners that are still on Android 2.1 Eclair that Froyo will be pushed out soon. In addition, the device will come with a front-facing camera and Qik's video chat app pre-installed along with T-Mobile TV, DoubleTwist's AirSync, and a copy of the movie Inception. All around, the Vibrant 4G looks like a quality device for T-Mobile customers looking to get the fastest speeds possible while on the go. Click past the link for a number of additional captures.  [TmoNews