To say this week was huge for Google would be a bit of an understatement. It was a massive week for Google, Android and everyone attending Google I/O. To get a better grasp of how huge it was exactly, the folks over at Wired sat down with Google's very own Head of Android, Sundar Pichai for an interview that's well worth a read.

In the interview, Sundar addresses questions about the latest Android developments, the strategy for Android, the integration of Nest into Google, and how Google is working with Samsung as well as his thoughts on whether or not the Amazon Fire phone is an 'Android device'.

There's been a big evolution since the days of personal computing. People had a concept of one computing device per family or maybe per person. We've clearly evolved to computing devices becoming more personal. People increasingly have a lot of those in their lives. So to us, the thing was, how do you build a computing platform and an experience which spans all those screens? How do you get it all working for users in a cohesive way? We need to bring Android and Chrome to every screen that matters for users, which is why we focused on phone, wearables, car, television, laptops, and even your workplace. Also, we wanted to do things in a way in which they were really contextually aware. A major theme was this notion of your phone being at the center of this connected experience –voice enabled, with Google Now cards accessible.

Sundar doesn't stray from the hard questions either as he addresses the Android position in China, why Google never rolled out much hardware at Google I/O and the issue of protesters interrupting the keynote events. If you've not read it, be sure to head on over and give it a read or let us know your thoughts on it all in the comments if you've read it already.

Source: Wired