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The chances that you're stuck at home right now, doing your part to stop the spread of the COVID-19, are pretty good. The chances that you're enjoying some form of streaming media are even better.

But with all this binge-watching you're doing, do you tire of having to switch from app to app and streaming service to streaming service, only to find that the content you're searching for isn't there?

BitMar Elite Streaming is here to help by bringing all of those apps into one place. Lifetime subscriptions are on sale for only $30.

BitMar is a content aggregator which displays free and subscription-based content in one streamlined, user-friendly interface. Hear your top picks from Spotify and watch the latest episode of your favorite HBO show, all in a few quick clicks. BitMar Elite brings you the best videos from all the top sites and also offers a wide range of international content for non-English speaking users. (Note: separate subscriptions required for premium content).

You can enjoy lifetime access to the BitMar Elite interface which runs ad-free on virtually any device, including computers, smartphones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more. BitMar also has support for multiple resolutions to ensure a complete experience on any display you may have. This subscription includes free unlimited updates, early access to new features not available to non-Elite users, and other free Elite tools.

You're already using these services to stave off the boredom of being at home, why not simplify the process and put all your media in one place? Find out why BitMar has a solid 4-star rating on Google Play with a lifetime subscription to BitMar Elite Streaming, currently on sale for just $29.99, a 70% markdown from its original price tag.

Prices subject to change.