Premium Spotify users can now stream music to Sonos speakers directly from within the Spotify app using Spotify Connect. Spotify has teamed up with Sonos to better integrate the popular music service with the high-end wireless speakers, and the result looks pretty damn cool. In essence, if you have Sonos speakers set up throughout your home and rely on Spotify Premium for your music, you can control both your Spotify music and your Sonos speakers all through the Spotify app. The announcement comes after a brief beta testing period.

Check out the video Sonos released to announce the new feature:

Now you can quickly tap to cast the music playing in your headphones to your Sonos speakers when you arrive home — all within the Spotify app — so you never skip a beat. You're also able to group and ungroup Sonos speakers as needed right from the Spotify app, so you can bring your whole home to life with music or keep it all contained to one room on the fly.

It's all apart of the new integration between the Sonos and Spotify apps, which actually goes both ways. so you can start your playlist in the Spotify app, then switch over and control everything from the Sonos app, if you so prefer. If you've got Spotify Premium and some Sonos speakers set up around your home, make sure to keep an eye out for these new features in the Spotify app.

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