Future Tech AwardsSource: Future

We asked you all to choose the best tech of 2020. Now, the Future Tech Awards have arrived, and you'll be able to see what your fellow tech devotees across the internet consider the best devices of the past year.

Since they began at CES 2020 last year, the Future Tech Awards have celebrated the very best of the tech industry. That includes the incredible products that have dazzled us or made a difference in our lives while spending the majority of our year indoors. This year's Future Tech Awards votes have been counted so now's your chance to take a look at the winners: the best technology and the people who brought that technology to us.

The awards fall into a number of different categories. To celebrate the tech we found most compelling, we have the Future Choice Awards. From the Galaxy Z Fold 2 taking best mobile innovation to the PS5 winning the gaming category hands-down, some of Android Central's favorite devices took home the gold.

Then, there are the Reader's Choice awards. Despite all our testing and reviewing, we know that our audience brings tons of experience and passion to the tech world, and use public voting to see what our audience liked most. You can see how your fellow readers' favorites stacked up against the expert picks, as well as check out a small selection of Product of the Decade winners. See if your all-time favorites made the grade!

We won't give away all the results, but Apple swept a number of mobile- and computing-related categories. What Android devices would you have picked in place of Apple? Meanwhile, Lenovo showed its popularity by winning seven categories including best Chromebook and best smart display.

Beyond the tech awards, the Future Power 50 awards highlight tech industry professionals from executives and product managers to young professionals and content creators. Among this year's winners, you'll find folks at the very top of some companies, the people responsible for designing some of the best products, and even community managers helping keep fans and customers engaged. Some prominent winners you may know include the following:

  • Google CMO Lorraine Twohill
  • Mint Mobile CMO Aron North
  • OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei
  • Samsung Senior VP James Fishler

For everything Future Tech Awards, head over to the Future Tech Awards 2020 page.