Sonos Controller App

A fresh, easy-to-use design and universal search coming later this Spring

Sonos is completely refreshing its Controller app for Android with new features and design, and its giving Android users an early look as part of a beta test. The first notable change of this update is a complete design refresh — you'll navigate the app between three different modules to choose between currently playing music, what rooms the music is playing in and discovery for upcoming music. And the entire interface is a simple and modern design that's primarily black and white with small pops of color and uses of transparency.

Under the hood, the new Sonos Controller app integrates universal search for all of your music services in one place. Just plug in the details for every music service you're a part of, and the Controller will search each one so you don't have to hunt through each one to find what you'll listen to next.

If you're a Sonos user and want to get an early look at the app while it is in the final stages of development, you can apply to be in the beta testing group at the link below. Those who want to wait for a finished product (or plan to use it on iOS) will have to wait until later this Spring, but considering the leap this app is making it'll surely be worth the wait.

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