Series premieres for Better Call Saul and Game of Thrones free on Google Play

The series premieres for two of the most-talked-about shows right now are currently free on Google Play. Those shows would be Better Call Saul, which premiered just this month on AMC, and Game of Thrones, whose fifth season premiere is due out in April. The first episodes of each — Uno for Saul and Winter is Coming for Thrones — are free to watch for a limited time on Google Play.

Of course, you can watch these on any device that supports Google Play, including your desktop browser or Chromecast. Go with either of those options when watching Better Call Saul and you can instead fire up the second screen app to get more to go with your viewing experience.

All other episodes of these shows are currently purchase options, with Better Call Saul clocking in at $1.99/episode or $16.99 for the entire first season (only the first two episodes are currently available on Google Play) and Game of Thrones running $2.99/episode or $28.99 for each of the four released seasons. So either way, whether you're wondering what all the fuss is about for the Breaking Bad prequel or considering jumping in and getting caught up on Game of Thrones before the next season premieres and you're left out of even more watercooler discussion, you can check them out for free right now.

(Of course, there are likely region restrictions at play here, so you might not see these episodes for free where you are if where you are is outside of the United States. Sorry.)