Android Central

During the last 24 hours Google has pushed out a series of updates to their Android applications. While some are simply for bug fixes, some -- as is becoming a little too frequent -- have no sign of a "whats new" changelog. Frustrating. 

We'll hit the ones we do know about first. Up on the bug fix front we've got updates to Google Play Movies and Google Street View.Google Play Music is also included, this time described as receiving "minor fixes." 

Google Gesture Search also received an update. Its changelog reads a little like this:

  • Now available on Android tablets such as Nexus 7.
  • Faster search performance for large user data set.
  • Support for searching multilingual contents using romanization, including Simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • The action for contacts is now customizable, e.g., changing calling to messaging.
  • Contacts without phone numbers now became searchable.
  • More UI improvements.

Also getting updated with a couple of new features is Google's own shopping focused app, Shopper. There's nothing earth shattering on board, but we do get a couple of additions: 

  • Filter weekly sales at featured local stores by category so you can focus on your favorite deals
  • Browse visually similar products when searching for apparel
  • Improved performance and stability

Then, on the less helpful front we have both Google Drive and Google Wallet. Both still seem to reflect previous updates to each app, which probably means there isn't a lot new. But, it would be nice to know all the same. 

If you're seeing anything new in either of these two be sure to hit us up in the comments below and share.