If you're not interested in Google Maps Navigation, you should be. It's been one of the most requested features for Google Maps for quite some time and to finally have it in Android 2.0 is an absolute game changer. Just check out the stocks of standalone GPS makers like Garmin and TomTom, it speaks for itself.

We've gathered some choice screenshots of Google Maps Navigation for your easy viewing. GPS navigation is about to permanently change with Google Maps Navigation. Imagine how limited previous GPS devices were with their search. Now you search with the power of Google. Remember how expensive GPS devices were. Now it's free with Android 2.0.

We think that the change is good and we love that the change is falling in our direction.

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Google Maps Navigation has all the benefits of standalone GPS units with the power of Google and Street View!


You can also specify your search to display results within your route (so you won't stray too far off course) and of course, Google Maps Navigation will display traffic data and crash information just like Google Maps already does.

You have the choice to view the map in Satellite View as well

For easy access, you can place destination shortcuts on your Android home screen. The Google Maps Navigation also notifies in you the Android notification bar. And finally, your destination is shown in Google Street View within Google Maps Navigation.