Google Glass

Bar owner was excited to see the technology, some of the patrons, however, were not

Bay area resident Sarah Slocum says she was verbally and physically assaulted at Molotov's on Haight Street in San Francisco Friday night, and it was because she was wearing Google Glass. Slocum was able to retrieve her Glass unit during a fist fight between her attacker and her male companion, but her handbag and her cell phone are still missing.

Witnesses say the bar owner and several of the patrons were excited to see a demonstration of the new technology. During the demonstration, other patrons expressed their displeasure at the possibility of being recorded by throwing dirty bar rags and firing off insults to Slocum. One of the unhappy barflies then grabbed the Google Glass unit and pulled it off Slocum's face. Her companion retailiated with his fists, and during the scuffle Slocum was able to retreive her Google Glass.

Police are looking for the gentleman who pulled Slocum's Glass off her face, and the fact that she was showing other patrons how Glass can record video will come in handy. Hopefully there's a nice, clear picture of the fellow for the police to have a look at.

Growing pains are one thing, but this is taking it a bit too far. Two things need remembered here — your right to "privacy" stops the minute you're in a public place, and violence is never the right reaction. Hopefully, the perpetrator is found and punished accordingly. Wanting the government to make Google Glass "illegal" in public is one thing, but taking the law into your own hands is another.

Source: CBS Local San Francisco