The biggest hurdle for most people when it comes to getting into 360-degree photography is price. Cheap 360 cameras don't take good photos, and good 360-degree cameras aren't cheap. Samsung is going to put an end to this with its new Gear 360 camera, which will be launching in stores and online just about everywhere for $229.

That price undercuts the original Gear 360 pricing by over $100, and makes the next best camera in the lineup considerably more expensive. It's also going to be available in way more places, with Best Buy, Amazon, and all of the major U.S. carriers planning to carry the camera.

On top of great pricing and thoroughly expanded availability, Samsung is firing up a special promotion with the new Gear 360 for those who haven't yet picked up the Galaxy S8. If you pick up the phone between May 25 and June 19, you'll be able to score a Gear 360 for $49 through a Samsung Store promotion.

This is a huge win for Samsung, and a great opportunity for anyone looking to get into 360-degree photography. The Gear 360 was one of the best cameras you could get before pricing was announced, but now it's going to take a truly impressive new camera from a competitor to come anywhere near this offer.