Samsung already has several Experience Stores around the world where customers can access the latest products from the South Korean vendor. In China, however, the manufacturer is looking to offer a more unique experience to customers by launching what it is calling a Galaxy Lifestyle Store, a storefront where you can "hang out, meet new friends and access exclusive content."

The Samsung Galaxy Lifestyle store is located in the cultural hub of Beijing, offering unique activities and personalized experiences for customers. We wanted to create a playground that expands the way consumers think about their mobile lives, so this Lifestyle Store is not just a retail store but a place to hang out, meet new friends and access exclusive content, together.

Galaxy Lifestyle Store

There's free for customers purchasing a Galaxy Note 4, as well as custom name engraving on official cases and covers. Interested in checking out Samsung's accessories or tablets? Users to the store can try out the Level headphones, and read magazines on the Galaxy Tab S tablets. At this stage, there is no indication that Samsung intends to open a Galaxy Lifestyle Store in other locations.

What do you guys think of Samsung's latest retail store?

Source: Samsung