Virtual reality has the potential to transform the way we think about all kinds of interactions, and Samsung's latest idea is a perfect example of that. Called Bedtime VR Stories, the in-development app seeks to bridge the divide between busy parents and their children by bringing the two together for story time in virtual reality.

From Samsung:

Sharing a bedtime story is incredibly special. But longer working days and hectic schedules make this harder to do. At Samsung we believe that technology should bring us closer together. That's why we developed Bedtime VR Stories, so parents and children can enjoy a story together, even when they're apart. Using individual VR headsets, the app creates a VR story environment where parent and child can see and interact with each other, for an immersive shared experience. Bedtime VR Stories is currently being developed for full release.

While it's easy to get caught up in all of the technical aspects of VR, ideas like this are what could truly make the experience special. Of course, the notion of pumping light into your kids' eyes via Gear VR right before bedtime could present a potential wrinkle for getting to sleep, but it's an interesting example of the possibilities for VR nonetheless.

There's no timeline on when Bedtime VR Stories may be available, but you can currently check out this 360-degree sample experience on YouTube for more: