Samsung rink

Samsung will be highlighting products developed at its Creative Lab — the vendor's in-house incubator that lets employees come up with new ideas — at CES 2016. The South Korean vendor will be showcasing Welt, a smart belt that tracks your waist size, eating patterns, activity, and amount of time spent sitting down. The information is then relayed to a specially-designed app that suggests weight management plans tailored to your needs.

A hand-motion controller for VR devices such as the Gear VR, dubbed rink, will also be on display at the event. Finally, Samsung will unveil TipTalk, a watch strap accessory that can be added to smartwatches like the Gear S2. Attaching the accessory will let you listen to sounds from the smartwatch — such as listening to music or receiving calls — without a headphone by pressing a finger to your ear.


It'll be very interesting to see how these products work. We'll be on the ground at CES next week, so stay tuned to Android Central for all the action.

Source: Samsung; Via: Engadget

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