Samsung's 12-inch 4K tablet prototype

2K displays like those in the Samsung Note Pro tablets and the LG G3 are all the rage these days, but we all know what comes next: 4K. Apparently Samsung knows that too, and they've already got a tablet that is said to be sporting such a 4096x2160 display out in the wild.

The tablet in question was spotted at the French Open, of all places. Yes, France. TechRadar was on the scene, where Samsung was showcasing broadcasting television live over LTE on a 12-inch tablet that just so happened to have a 4K panel behind the glass. The design is unmistakably Samsung, the rep showing it off is from Samsung, but this tablet hasn't been officially announced. Assuming the screen is somewhere in the 12- to 12.2-inch range, we're looking at a pixel density of somewhere around 380ppi. That would put make this screen denser than the 359ppi of the Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 and the 264ppi iPad Air.

As for what's powering this mysterious 4K tablet, it's said to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, the same chip that fell short powering the LG G3 with its mere 2K display. How it would handle a panel with 2.5 times the pixels, we can't judge for certain, but we wouldn't be optimistic. That said, Samsung has hinted that we should expect mobile devices from them with 4K displays by the end of the year, and the soon-to-arrive Snapdragon 805 should help a lot in the pixel-pushing department.

For now, we have this mystery tablet with mystery specs and a 4K display. The real question is, who wants one?

Source: TechRadar