Samsung Galaxy Tab

We just returned from the Q&A session after the Samsung Galaxy Tab unveiling, and most of the event was fairly straightforward: a lot depends on the carriers, the European launch is set for "Early October," with more coming before the end of the year, a "major U.S. carrier" is picking up the Galaxy Tab (yeah: we're assuming Verizon, too), and the Tab beats out the iPad in certain areas like portability and the ability to make voice calls.

What was interesting was what happened when future plans popped up. Samsung Mobile's President, JK Shin, got a little feisty and let drop that the Galaxy Tab would definitely be getting the Android 3.0 Gingerbread update. He also went further and said that Samsung would be releasing devices based on the Tablet-friendly "Honeycomb" version of Android next year and that Samsung would have a "full tablet portfolio" in 2011.

Given that Samsung said it was perhaps even more bullish than some analyst numbers that suggested the tablet market in 2011 would top 30 million devices, it looks like they intend on selling a bootload.