power sharing

Samsung wants you to share the power between its smartphones and smartwatches with its new micro-USB Power Sharing cable, which is now available for $19.99.

The cable is meant for people who own more than one Samsung device like the Galaxy S5 or the Galaxy Tab or the Galaxy Gear Live smartphone but don't want to bother with also carrying an external battery for them. With the Power Sharing cable combined with the company's Power Sharing Android app, your smartphone can become a charger for your tablet and vice versa. Samsung says:

To start, download the "Power Sharing" app from Samsung Apps or the Google Play store, and select the amount of power to transfer. Then, simply plug in one end of the cable into the device that the power is being drawn from while plugging in the other end of the cable into the device to be charged.

Is this new Power Sharing cable something that you might be interesting in getting instead of an external battery?

Source: Samsung