Samsung Gaming

At the its developer conference in San Francisco today Samsung showed off its new mobile gaming platform, which allows titles to run across its range of mobile devices and Smart TVs, using the Samsung Gamepad controller accessory. In mobile mode, the controller and handset come together to form an NVIDIA Shield-like handheld console; in console mode, the phone sits in a stand sending images to a TV, while the Gamepad controls things from afar.

During today's keynote presentation, Samsung Media Solution Center SVP Kyuho Kim said this approach would eventually evolve into a true multiscreen gaming platform capable of taking full advantage of both screens. For example, in a shooter you might see a sniper scope, map or inventory screen on the handset and your main view on the TV.

Unity CEO David Helgason also appeared on-stage walk through his company's partnership with Samsung through its new "game development kit." Helgason told attendees that Unity 4 would be optimized for Samsung devices and chipsets, making it easy to add "console mode" and multiple-screen support to games using the engine.

We got a look at the Samsung Gamepad running on the Galaxy Note 3 back at IFA 2013 and demonstrated many of these features, so check out our hands-on feature for more details.

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