Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung has announced its operating profit is the highest in two years, increasing by 17.4 on last year alone, thanks in turn to sales of its Galaxy S7 handsets. As reported by Reuters, profit made between April and June of this year was likely around 8.1 trillion won ($7 billion), which is just shy of the 8.5 billion won the company raised back in Q1 2014.

Interestingly, even amidst strong competition from Apple and other Android manufacturing partners, the company has managed to successfully launch its latest generation Galaxy smartphones. With global sales slowing down when it comes to smartphones, many are wondering just how Samsung will be able to keep up this momentum.

Samsung also expects revenue to be up too, from 48.5 trillion won ($42 billion) to 50 trillion ($43 billion). For more details, we'll have to hold out until Samsung discloses full details in its financial report later this month.