The troubled music streaming service Tidal could have a buyer. A new, but unconfirmed, report claims Samsung is currently in talks to acquire Tidal, which was launched in October 2014 and bought in early 2015 by hip-hop artist Jay-Z.

The New York Post reports:

"Samsung is re-engaging; they are working on something really big, and they're keeping it very quiet in case it leaks," said a source close to the talks. A spokesperson for Samsung said: "It is our policy to not comment on rumors or speculation."

The same report also claims that Google and Spotify have also been interested in Tidal, but for smaller partnerships rather than a full-fledged acquisition. Tidal, which was supposed to offer high-fidelity music that was owned by its artists, has not made much of a dent in the streaming audio space with just over a million subscribers since it launch over a year ago.

Source: New York Post