Samsung Olympics App

App currently is only available on Samsung devices, though ...

Samsung this week has unveiled its official application for the Sochi Winter Olympics, which begin next month. 

The app is pretty good, breaking things down by sport, country and athletes, with easy links to schedules. You can get more information on the event venues in Russia, check out videos and photo galleries — and even see which events are wheelchair accessible. It's easy to follow your favorite athletes and sports as well.

As of the time of this writing, you're only able to install the app on Samsung devices. (Reading the press release again, though, it sounds like that might just be an oversight, so check back to see if more devices are added.) You can also install from the Samsung App Store, if that's how you roll.

(And should you want more information on Samsung products, there's a big banner link at the bottom of the app to help you out. Of course.)

Anyhoo. It's a good app. Give it a whirl.