Samsung Pay arrives in Play Store

No more waiting (no, really this time) — Samsung Pay is finally available to owners of the latest Samsung phones on Verizon. The Samsung Pay app is now openly available in the Play Store for anyone with a Verizon Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ or Note 5 to download, and following a brief setup period you'll be good to go with the latest mobile payment system.

The setup process is likely to be a little different depending on which software version your phone is on, but the most likely scenario is installing Samsung Pay from the Play Store, then on first launch being prompted to install an update to the app with all of the latest bits (Samsung Pay requires some extra software involvement to work completely). It's all pretty seamless, so long as you haven't previously side-loaded the app or monkeyed with the system.

If you have an unlocked or international version of the latest Samsung devices you may also get a sudden jolt of excitement when you see the app available to you, too, but unfortunately this is a bit of an error. You still need to have a Samsung phone from a supported U.S. carrier for Samsung Pay to work, and you'll be alerted of that when you try to run the app on your phone. (We assume Samsung will soon get the device restrictions in place so international phones won't show up as compatible.)

Those who already had Samsung Pay installed directly from a carrier software OTA — as we saw T-Mobile do it — will also notice the app is now marked as "installed" in the Play Store as well. That's good, as now we can expect future updates to simply roll out through Google Play for everyone across carriers.