Gear VR

After making its way to Best Buy's website, the Gear VR is headed to the retailer's brick and mortar stores. That's according to SamMobile, which states that Samsung will be making the VR headset available across 100 Best Buy locations in the U.S.

The stores will also have demo units through which customers will be able to experience the headset. SamMobile mentions that four Gear VR demos will be available for customers to try out:

  • Milk VR: The user will be able to choose a video to watch
  • TheBlu: If the user wants a game-like experience
  • Transformers: If the user wants to experience a movie in virtual reality
  • 360 Photos: Simply because 360-degree pictures are awesome

Each demo will last for three minutes, and it looks like Samsung will be enforcing a few rules with regards to the Gear VR demo units, applicable to both Best Buy's staff as well as customers looking to try out the headset:

Firstly, they won't be able to play any other content except the one approved by Samsung HQ, they won't allow anyone under the age of 13 to try the virtual reality headset, they must get the customer to sit on a chair before starting with the demoing process, and they are restricted to only support carrier devices – no Wi-Fi-only models.

The headset will retail for its usual price of $199. We'll let you know once it starts becoming available at Best Buy locations in the country. In addition to Best Buy, the Gear VR is available on Samsung's as well as AT&T's websites.

How many of you would you be willing to try out the Gear VR at Best Buy?

Source: SamMobile