Samsung Developer Forum

If you're a developer who has always had a soft spot for Samsung's hardware, this might be your lucky day. Samsung has just launched their official forum for Android developers with such helpful links as "Device Specs" and "Code Sample" (for alternate screen sizes).

If you're not interested in developing for Samsung, let me remind you of a few things I can think of.

Full presser is after the break.


Samsung Electronics to launch Developer Forum for Android developers

Samsung Electronics, a leading mobile phone provider, today launched the Samsung Android Developer Forum, providing additional technical support and guidance for Android application developers. Providing a single destination for developers working with Android on Samsung mobile devices, the forum features rich content with news and updates for developers, while lively discussion boards offer unrivalled technical advice and support. Samsung Developers is designed to be used by developers for each of Samsung’s current development platforms. The facility provides the latest Software Development Kits (SDK’s), tutorial videos as well as updates for both hardware and software.

The Samsung Android Developer Forum offers development tools to assist developers working on complex projects – including SDK plug-ins for Augmented Reality and Location Based Services. The service will also offer a Sensor Simulator as well as a Remote Test Lab (RTL), allowing developers to test their applications remotely on a real device controlled by Samsung.

"Samsung’s Android Developer Forum enables Android developers all over the world to broaden their scope and achieve even higher levels of quality when designing for Samsung’s Android-based devices, while customers will continue experiencing high-standard Android applications available from Samsung Apps, our application store.”

Samsung’s Android Developer Forum is hosted at