The Gear VR virtual reality headset was the center of this long distance bonding for Jason Larke, a contract electrical engineer. His job kept him from being at the hospital where his wife Alison was giving birth to their third child.

Samsung stated:

Using the Samsung Gear VR, Jason was transported 4,000 kilometers across the country right into the delivery room. He could experience his wife's birth live during her delivery using Samsung Gear technology – the first time a birth has been captured live using virtual reality.

In a world first, the live-streaming virtual reality technology gave Jason the ability to look anywhere around the birthing suit and witness his child's birth as if he were right there next to her.

The first version of the Samsung Gear VR was designed to work in combination with the Galaxy Note 4, with the smartphone inserted and used as the display for the headset. More recently, a new version of the Gear VR was announced that will work with the upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge.

Source: Samsung