The Samsung Gear S3 is a monster of a smartwatch that might just do everything you need — if you can fit it under your shirtsleeve. It provides notifications for email, Twitter, Facebook and most other apps; it monitors your health, sleep and steps; it even completes payments on older-model magnetic card readers using Samsung's Magnetic Secure Technology. Paying for your groceries is now as easy as punching the air by the card reader. (Just don't hit the bag boy.)

The display is beautiful, the software is smooth, the phone capabilities ... well, not everything's perfect. But it is a step up over the Samsung S2. Is it worth your money for the LTE version? How does it compare against the Apple Watch and Android Wear? Can MrMobile walk, carry coffee, and talk into his wrist at the same time? Check out Michael Fisher's Samsung Gear S3 Review and find out!

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