Samsung Gear S fitness apps

Following U.S. availability last week, those of us north of the border will be able to snag the 3G-ready Samsung Gear S watch starting tomorrow at Samsung brand stores, and other retailers throughout November. The pricetag sits at $399.99.

In addition to the SIM card slot, the Gear S packs a nicely curved 2-inch 360 x 480 display, all of the usual health tracking information like heart rate monitoring, and GPS directions with offline caching.

Samsung is sticking by Tizen here, which is likely to be a dealbreaker for Android Wear diehards, but even then, the Gear S is a promising piece of kit.

Any Canadians interested in slapping one of these on their wrist so they don't have to bust out their phone in the middle of the 8 months of snowstorms ahead?

Source: Newswire