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Samsung Fascinate - Everything you need to know

Samsung Fascinate

The Samsung Fascinate is Verizon's "Bing"ed-out version of the Galaxy S. Like the other phones, it sports a 4-inch super AMOLED screen, Android 2.1 (will upgrade to 2.2), 1GHz Hummingbird processor and a 5MP camera with LED flash. 

What sets it apart from the other devices is the Bing integration, which has caused lots of stir in the Android community. 

Announced Date: 
June 29, 2010
Average: 4.2 (132 votes)

Now that you've got a Samsung Fascinate, it's time to accessorize. There are plenty of ways you can enhance your phone, be it with cases for protection, an extra battery for extended life, chargers to keep you juiced, and on and on. Check out our Samsung Fascinate Accessories guide.