Samsung took to IFA 2015 to talk about the Internet of Things and what the company has planned for the immediate future. Alongside the announcement of the new SmartThings, Samsung also touched on the likes of SleepSense, UHD Ecosystem, SUHD TVs, the AddWash smart washing machine, as well as how the company is actively working with BMW and Volkswagen.

Samsung SleepSense

SleepSense is Samsung's solution to help consumers manage their sleep. It's a sensor that's essentially a flat disk, which can be placed underneath the mattress. The SleepSense will then monitor the heart and respiration of individuals remotely, not to mention those odd (and sometimes awkward) movements made during a night's dream.

Along with monitoring your sleep, SleepSense will also turn off the television automatically and adjust heating/air conditioning when it's detected you've fallen asleep. There's some science behind the product, which will also work on the metabolism too.

Samsung UHD TV

When it comes to media consumption, Samsung plans to expand the UHD ecosystem by partnering with a variety of companies, including Amazon, Netflix, VoD and more. The aim is to more effectively push UHD content and drive consumers to supporting TV sets. If gaming is more your thing, the company has partnered with Gamefly, a subscription service that lets you stream popular titles over the net, without discs or other medium.

It's boasted that Samsung will push out a software update that will provide an improved viewing experience, taking full advantage of HDMI 2.0a. To go along with the new TVs and features coming to existing sets, Samsung has also introduced a new Ultra HD Blu-ray player, which supports UHD Blu-ray disc playback. Providing the ability to upscale content to UHD resolution, as well as 4K streaming services, the player is a neat addition to any home of video fans.

Samsung AddWash

Not all IoT tech is fun and games. Samsung also makes other household appliances too, including washing machines. AddWash is a new washing machine from Samsung that's both smart and connected. The WW8500 AddWash is the world's first machine that lets owners add laundry at any point of the wash cycle. By hitting a specific button, the drum will cease spinning and the door will become unlocked for you to add more clothes.

Both iOS and Android are also supported, meaning you'll be able to remotely monitor and operate the washing machine, receiving a range of notifications on your smartphone. There's also SuperSpeed and SuperSpray, and even ecobubble to produce thicker bubbles when washing.

Samsung SmartThings Car

Lastly, Samsung touched on working closely with BMW to offer a seamlessly connected car experience. The company will integrate its SmartThings hub with vehicles from the manufacturer, enabling owners to check the technical status of their BMW, as well as locking and unlocking it remotely. Volkswagen is also onboard, working with Samsung on the Car Mode for Galaxy app to provide in-car functionality.

The app also connects to the new Samsung Gear S2, allowing owners of specific Volkswagen vehicles to locate their car, activate air conditioning remotely and manage battery levels of their electric vehicle. All-in-all, Samsung is certainly looking to push IoT hard and we expect to see more from the company soon enough.