Samsung has responded to and rejected claims from China Labor Watch saying that one of their component part suppliers, HTNS Shenzhen, was hiring underage workers. The investigation by Samsung into the matter concluded yesterday, where the worker in question affirmed that they are over 18 years of age. Two other workers who are no longer with the company were also found to have been over 18 when hired. 

Samsung builds and supplies over 90-percent of their own parts, but like many electronic manufacturers they still have a need for pieces from mainland China. Because of the attention this episode has drawn, Samsung has stated that they will implement new hiring practices, including face to face interviews and the introduction of electronic devices to detect fake IDs.

Even when not true, allegations of child labor can be damning to a company in the eyes of the west. Samsung will be doing everything possible to make sure it doesn't happen, and that nobody thinks it may be happening. They have a big reputation to uphold on the world stage, after all. For the full statement, see the source link.

Source: Samsung