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Late last night reports emerged from Korea that Samsung had "temporarily suspended" production of the Galaxy Note 7 while it investigated a growing number of battery fires in supposedly safe replacement phones.

Today the company has issued its own statement, stopping short of saying production had been halted, instead using gentler language.

A Samsung spokesperson told Android Central:

We are temporarily adjusting the Galaxy Note7 production schedule in order to take further steps to ensure quality and safety matters.

The statement doesn't tell us a whole lot, besides that Samsung knows what's fairly clear at this point — there's apparently some kind of ongoing battery issue with new, replacement Note 7s as well as the old, recalled ones.

In line with this narrative, SamMobile this morning reports that Samsung Netherlands has halted shipments of new Note 7 pre-orders as a result of reported battery fire incidents.

The number of known cases reported in the U.S. now stands at five, with two more in Korea, one in Taiwan and at least two in China.

So far there' been no guidance from Samsung saying users should stop using or return their Note 7s; our advice right now is that you should not buy this phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7