New component could put 4GB of high-performance RAM in future devices

Smartphones and tablets with 2GB of RAM have become the norm over the past year, but 2014 looks set to push memory capacities to new heights, and Samsung has announced a new component that could herald the arrival of 4GB phones and tablets in the coming year.

The electronics giant has claimed the industry's first 8-gigabit low-profile double-data-rate 4 (LPDDR4) mobile DRAM component, offering 1GB on a single die, which it says is the highest density currently available. Using four of the chips, Samsung says, a single 4GB package could offer "the highest level of performance available today."

The new LPDDR4 memory is said to provide 50 percent higher performance than current LPDDR3 offerings, with improved energy efficiency resulting in the chips using 40 percent less power than the previous generation, at 1.1 volts. The chips are fabricated using "20nm-class" process technology, meaning a process somewhere between 20 and 30nm.

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Samsung is targeting high-end "UHD" smartphones, tablets and notebooks with the new DRAM parts, which it'll start offering in 2014. Elsewhere, the company has already hinted at devices with 1440p (2K or QHD) displays and 64-bit Exynos CPUs making up its 2014 smartphone lineup.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow