Samsung's proprietary app store will soon be known as Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung has announced that its proprietary app store for Android will get a name change from Samsung Apps to Samsung Galaxy Apps. The inclusion of the Galaxy branding in the store will make it more clear that the app store is designed for Galaxy-branded devices, all of which run Android. The change will occur by July 1.

In addition to Android, Samsung is also making a major push with Tizen. The move was probably made to avoid confusion for consumers of which app store to use, especially when visiting a web link not on the device itself. This way, for example, owners of the Tizen-powered Samsung Z won't try to visit the Samsung Galaxy Apps portal to try and purchase and install apps.

Samsung had similarly rebranded its wearables to reflect the change. From the first generation Android-powered Galaxy Gear, Samsung had dropped the Galaxy name when it debuted the Gear 2 successor as that device is no longer powered by Android and instead runs on Tizen. In that move, Samsung is clearly reserving the Galaxy branding for Android.

This likely won't affect too many users as most Android users get their apps from the Google Play store anyways.

Source: Samsung

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