The Samsung Behold II is still launching on T-Mobile on November 18th but there are some whispers that the price might actually be $229.99 with new 2-year contract rather than our previously reported $199.99. As we were already questioning the $199 price point, $229 is simply too high. Would an AMOLED screen and Touchwiz UI  be enough to make the Behold II more appealing than a DROID for $199, a Sprint HTC Hero for $179 or a DROID Eris for $99?

Engadget just unboxed the Behold II and came away noting that the device is heavy, thin enough, and the buttons are enjoyable to click. The screen is gorgeous (of course) but not any more gorgeous than the DROID's screen. Overall the hardware is great and packs some good build quality but the software might need some work. They note that Touchwiz seems to slow down Android a bit but will need further testing to see it in action. Remember, the Behold II will launch with Android 1.5.

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