Samsung system

Samsung's not usually a company that does anything quietly, but this past week the mobile arm of the electronics giant followed in Google's footsteps and began publicly detailing what's in its monthly security updates. And we've already begun seeing updates to the Galaxy S6 family and the Galaxy Note 5. (Google security guru Adrian Ludwig also notes that the Note 4, Note Edge, Tab S, and Tab S2 are a part of this latest security push from Samsung.)

The nondescript blog from Samsung — it doesn't even support RSS — says its updates include patches as detailed in the most recent report from Google, as well as its own code fixes. Samsung notes that there are 14 issues addressed, though it's not publicly disclosing all of them just yet.

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Listed are fixes for "Information theft and screen theft attack for Galaxy S5," one in Samsung SBeam that could have allowed someone to hijack images, a flaw in the Dalvik VM that could let someone copy your log file, and another for the Stagefright issue.

Sources: Samsung Mobile Security Blog, SMR Report; via +Adrian Ludwig