Android Central Semi-Annual Survey

We’ve wrapped up our Android Central semi-annual survey, which managed to field about four thousand responses across a wide range of questions. With the information we’ve collected, we got a good feel for who you guys are and what you want. That data will shape the kind of content you’ll be seeing here on Android Central. Of course, we’re happy to take feedback year-round, so always feel free to voice your opinions in the comments. We’re here at your service after all, dear readers.

That said, we want to include you guys in the process and share the information we’ve picked up. Hopefully you’ll find it just as interesting as we did.

Age of Android Central readers

First off, the purely demographic info. A whooping 94% of you are males. On the whole, this is pretty sad. We’d love to see more women interested in mobile tech. If you’re one of our few lady readers, please sing out in the comments and let us know what kind of content you like seeing posted. Our biggest age bracket is 25 - 34 at 32%, followed by 35 - 44 at 25%. No big surprises there. On average, 3 people lived in each household, with three smartphones, two tablets, and three computers tucked inside. The vast majority of Android Central readers are at least at an intermediate technology skill level. Only 1% classified themselves as beginners, while 52% saw themselves as experts. We’d love to be able to provide content that appeals to more beginners, since this is a jargon-heavy world with a steep learning curve.

Android Central readers location

71% of our readers are from the U.S., followed by Europe at 14%. This was followed equally by Canada and Asia, and less than 2% for each of Central/South America, Africa, Middle East, and the Pacific. Obviously language barrier is going to play a big role here, but English adoption is fairly widespread. It would be great if we could provide more regionally-relevant news to the right people.

Next, we dipped into your reading habits. The most popular way to catch up on Android Central was through the smartphone app, which 47% of respondents checked daily, though the desktop browser was a very close second pick. The least popular ways to read Android Central are over RSS with 51% never using it, followed by the Android Central tablet app (45% never using it). Our community engagement on that front is similar, with 46% of users participating weekly or more through a desktop browser, and 45% through our apps.

Android Central readers social networks

A healthy 63% of readers participate in our forums or comments, but of course we would always like to see more of you. Don’t be shy! 70% of those participating are doing so to find help, and given how knowledgeable are members are, you’ve come to the right place for tech support. 63% participate for our contests, so we’ll make sure to keep those coming. Most of your participation happens in the forums, with 37% of respondents being active weekly or daily, followed up by 31% in the blog comments and 24% on Google+. 66% of you never get onto the live podcast chat, and 59% never hit us up on Twitter. That’s interesting seeing as Twitter is the third most popular social network among our users, after Facebook and Google+. Maybe we should be using @AndroidCentral as more than just a news feed. On that front, 60% of readers would like to see how-to tips on our social channels.

37% of respondents rated our moderation team as excellent, and 27% rated forum members with equally high regard. Meanwhile, 20% rated commenters as fair or lower, but at least the same number rated them as excellent. Of those that don’t participate in the community, 66% don’t do so simply because they haven’t felt the need, not necessarily because they didn’t know where to start, saw too much negativity or there were too many fanboys (though those three reasons together accounted for 38% of users not participating). 82% of respondents felt that being a member of the Android Central community is valuable, which is great to hear. Even among the rest, 17% either wasn’t sure or didn’t care. Obviously we want to make sure you guys are happy sticking around.

Android Central readers desires

Our best content according to you guys is our device news, with 72% of respondents calling it “excellent”, followed up by device reviews with 69%. In terms of broad qualities of our writing, we rated excellent for being informative for 70% of our readers, being easy to understand to 67%, and being accurate to 62% of respondents. Our lowest-quality content, that is, anything rated fair, below average, or poor, are our interviews (27% of respondents cumulatively across those three categories), investigative reporting (26%), and the wallpaper gallery (20%). We ranked fair or lower for critical analysis to 7% of readers, being entertaining to 6%, and being prompt to another 6%. We’re happy to tweak our focus as needed, provided it’s the kind of content and the style y’all are interested in.

That leads us to the kind of content that you would like to see more of. 55% of readers would like to see more app news and reviews, which is great to hear; I’d love to write more about apps. Google services content followed up with 48% demand, then buyers guides at 37%.

That's a quick run-down of about half of our survey results. If you’re really interested, you can dive into our data more over here. The bottom line is that we want to give you guys exactly the kind of content you’re looking for, and we’re not just saying that because we’re big ol’ softies. It’s our business to deliver the goods, whatever those goods happen to be. The whole team is always open to suggestions and constructive criticism, so keep the input coming.