Straw for Android

We all have those situations where we want input from friends, family and acquaintances on a certain topic, no matter how serious or mundane. Rather than sending out group texts or taking an informal poll on various social media outlets, why not use a single app to have it all in one place? That app is Straw, at least the developers of the project certainly think so. And following a successful launch on Windows Phone, Straw has made its way over to Android.

The basic premise of Straw is to make it easy as possible to quickly set up a poll for any topic you wish and effortlessly send it out to the people you want responses from. After signing in with a Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google+ or LinkedIn account (there's no need to actually create a separate Straw account), you can quickly launch a poll — choose the title and however many available options you want to have people choose from, and even include pictures for the options if you want.

The poll can be automatically shared to any combination of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or SMS, and you can manually share it to any app that can handle texts and links — like Google+, Facebook Messenger or any other service. That way you choose the scope, and in turn nominal privacy, of the poll you send out. You also set a poll duration — one hour, five hours, one day, one week or one month — for responses to be recorded.

Once created and shared, people can instantly give their input on the poll without signing in or doing anything complex. They see the title of the poll and a link to participate, which can open just fine in either desktop or mobile web browsers. They make their choice and you instantly have live results in the Straw app on your phone. They're broken down into percentages and charts, giving you the feedback you need with no uncertainty.

The next time you just need input from friends or family from around any part of the internet, and want to know for certain what consensus the crowd comes to, maybe Straw will be the place you go to do it. Be sure to snag it from the Play Store at the link above.