Home run 3D

Here's a look at the free version of Home Run Battle 3D. This is the perfect game for me, because I can pick it up any time I want a quick release from boredom and then put it back down when it's time to get back to work. There are two game modes: matchup and arcade. In the free version you have to earn the right to play a multiplayer game (after your first free free matchup games) by actually being competent at the game and hitting a home run with a "gold ball." You can also earn gold balls by unlocking achievements. There are other "special" balls in the game, and I haven't quite figured out what they all do, but the ones I do know are:

  • Angel Ball: takes away 1 out
  • Gold Ball: you can spend it on matchup games and maybe other things in the accessory store
  • Multiplier Ball: I've seen 2x and 3x, and they double or triple your score
  • Ghost Ball: it goes invisible for a moment or two while it's on the way to the plate
  • Magic Ball: sends an "attack" ball to your matchup opponent
  • Iron Ball: sends an iron ball to your matchup opponent if you hit a home run with it, which only flies half the normal distance

So that's enough here. Take a look at the video after the break